The beginning of the epic road trip.

What does a guy do when he has no job, very little money, but a underlying desire to have a adventure? Link up with his best friend and head to Texas of course!

Ryan (my best friend of 10+ years) and myself have decided to have ourselves a little adventure and take a roadtrip. Along the way, we decided to blog about our experience (both twitter, wordpress, and foursquare) as we go across America’s heartland in search of friends, family, and visiting places we never have before. We will be hitting 10 states during our travels, which our first leg starts tomorrow as we head towards Tennessee. If you would like to see or meet us along the way, please reach out to either of us and we will do our best to see you!

So when we decided to have a roadtrip and blog about it along the way, we needed some serious tech to keep this conversation mobile without slowing us down. After a little bit of brainstorming (and throwing our gear in a huge pile to sort out) this is what made the cut for the #epicroadtrip.

Tech for the trip:

  • Verizon MiFi
  • 2- 15″ Macbook Pros running Snow Leopard
  • 3G iPhone (AT&T)
  • HP Mini 110 with built in 3G EVDO with Verizon
  • 3rd Gen iPod Touch
  • Water resistant Olympus Stylus camera
  • Canon Powershot
  • 5.5 Gen 80GB iPod
  • 2- Apple Mighty Mouse
  • 3 port car port charger splitter
  • Sirius radio
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS
  • and more cords and power charging options that don’t even fit in one bag!

A photo of part of the tech that will keep us mobile and online on the road is below.

Using all of this at once, which thankfully all of it is rechargable, requires quite a unique perspective to power management. Liveblogging on the road is awesome, but we will need to manage the power demands of all of these devices as well as the recharge time that some of these devices have.

However, this collection of technology that spans over two operating systems as well as two cell networks will allow us to bring you very close into the action. It will be like you were in the car with us and that is what we are aiming to do.

Signing off for now- see you tomorrow morning when we pick up our “mid size” rental and headed toward Lynchburg, TN!



3 thoughts on “The beginning of the epic road trip.

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  3. I just made that run solo and non-stop (with a dog) at Christmas …great fun, but I did it old-school … no gps, no radar detector, just a map! Hope you guys have a couple of big power inverters and a fire extinguisher just in case! Looking forward to the updates … have fun. Oh, and try to buy one of those state-shaped window decals for every state you pass thru … its harder than you think!

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