BBQ, Bombs, Bears and a fort

We are Fort Worth right now after making a day trip visit to see the Fort Worth Stockyards, eat some BBQ at Angelo’s, and check out the Omaha Army Surplus store. After getting a little bit of a late start out to Fort Worth this morning, we passed Six Flags and Ripley’s Believe it or not museum on the way out of Dallas, as well as Texas Stadium. It was a nice and quick drive- nice cool weather with the sun shining. We stopped for lunch at Angelo’s- which has amazing BBQ but is a total hole in the wall. The BBQ was great and we also walked next door to Omaha Army Surplus. That place has a huge random collection of surplus, including things like a searchlight for tanks and a legitimate ejection seat. You could also buy a bomb casing for your yard if you felt so inclined.

We then headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyard, which is a large section of shops and cowboy related stuff like boot fitters, hat makes, and a rodeo arena. It was a really cool place to check out and wearing my cowboy hat I felt slightly less like a tourist but probably still stuck out anyway. I went hunting for little gifts to bring back for some of my friends and found some cool items! Fort Worth is a very cool city and I am having a lot of fun during my first visit in Texas.

After some thought, Ryan and I may make a day trek down to Austin tomorrow to visit SXSW. We may not be able to get in but we are gonna see what we can find/get into. Right now we are headed back to Dallas (currently typing in the car) and hopefully hanging by the pool again this afternoon.


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