Baltimore’s Comic Con

Here I am waiting in line to get into Comic Con. The line is pretty long but it is moving quickly. It is a very diverse crowd in line, more so than I actually expected. This Comic Con seems to be attracting people of all ages and types!

Once I actually stepped inside the main Comic Con area, I was in awe. There was a ton of toys&comics that brought me back to my childhood. From Magic (the card game) to my old Star Wars toys I played with as a kid, I managed to see quite a few things I found familiar.

You don’t want to make this guy any angrier…

I cannot believe that this card game is still around. I remember playing Magic with my brother when I was in Grade School back in the day!

I truly loved this movie when I was a kid! Frankly, I still do!

I was lucky enough to sit down and listen to the Thor panel. With the Thor movie coming out in 2011, the interest in Thor has spiked in the public’s consistence. One of the things that I wasn’t aware of is how almost all comics out there change writers and artists over time.

It’s really cool listening to the main writer of Thor-Walter Simonson. Walther is actually from Norway and has drawn (in some form) since he was a child. He mentioned a turning point in his desire to draw/write comics was seeing the original Superman movie in 1979. He said “…leaving that theater I knew whatever I did, I would be ok.”

It is really cool listening to Walter talk about his introduction to the Thor storyline. He is very excited about the film and he sounds confident about the quality of the work. Comics are really a special collaboration of several very creative people who want to share their vision with the world. (I guess you can argue you the same for music or film) I don’t claim to be a comic expert- just the opposite actually. However, it is cool to get reacquainted with parts of my childhood.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Comic Con. It was crowded but you were still able to see the whole convention without waiting forever. Seeing all those toys, both old and new, brought back a welcomed rush of nostalgia that makes me miss the “good ole days” a little bit.


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