Cherry Blossoms Shoot with Liz Glomb

This weekend I was lucky enough to shoot my friend Liz Glomb during the opening weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Liz and I met through a Sisarina tweetup over a year ago and she is one of the major players in the Washington, DC social media scene. We follow each other on twitter and talk about Canon equipment often. After a little while, she started mulling over hiring me.

She decided to hire me to shoot some non studio photos of her for various social media profiles. Naturally I jumped at the chance to give her some great looking photos of herself and to further hone my outdoor shooting skills. The results of our shoot were some fantastic shots of her with Washington, DC in the background. She was a great subject to shoot and we had a blast shooting along the Tidal Basin. See below for some of the highlights of our shoot.

Like my work? Want to hire me? Let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Shoot with Liz Glomb

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