Good Stuff Eatery

Before our entourage of Jules, Ryan, and I met Liz for her photo shoot we stopped to have lunch at a place called Good Stuff Eatery.  Good Stuff Eatery was founded by “Top Chef” contestant Chef Spike in 2009 and offers authentic American fare of burgers and fries in the Washington DC area. The Eatery is the only location of its kind (it is a basically a classier version of Five Guys). Neither Jules nor I have been to (or frankly even heard of) Good Stuff Eatery before so we were both excited to try their burgers and fries. Their menu has an interesting combination of classic and unique burger toppings. As I expected, the burgers and fries there were fantastic even though it was the longest line I’ve ever seen at a burger joint in my life! (30mins)

Chef Spike (above), like his website says, was working behind the counter that day. I was lucky enough to capture him and the American decor of the Good Stuff Eatery while I was waiting for my delicious burger. Check out the pictures below and see my Washington DC Flickr album for more.


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