B3 trip to McFadden’s Art Glass/Glass Grill

This past week, fellow Baltimore Buzz Brigade members met up at the McFadden Art Glass/Glass Grill for a meet and greet with fellow Visit Baltimore members. This event allowed the paying members of Visit Baltimore to meet the social media arm in person. The event was held at McFadden’s Art Glass (which is a glass making studio) with the Glass Grill next door (which is a bar that serves food). This venue proved to be really cool, as we got to meet the founder and observe him making various glass fixtures such as a vase and a rose. It was a great backdrop to talk to some small business owners to see how Visit Baltimore are going to promote them.

McFadden’s offers glass making classes to all types and I will admit I plan to return in the future. Here are a couple of the shots I got- for the rest check out my Baltimore Buzz Brigade album.


2 thoughts on “B3 trip to McFadden’s Art Glass/Glass Grill

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