My PicTrip to Sherwood Gardens

Last weekend’s great weather gave Jules and I a chance to visit the most famous tulip garden in AmericaSherwood Gardens . Sherwood Gardens was created in 1920 by John Sherwood, who was a conservationist and flower fan. Located within the Baltimore City Limits, Sherwood Gardens was a quick drive from our house in Federal Hill and is located near the Johns Hopkins campus.  Spanning over six acres in size, over 80,000 (!) tulip bulbs alone are planted each year alongside other spring flowers. Besides flowers, there are various types of other plants, such as English Boxwoods, that date back to the 18th Century!

The sheer amount of flowers in one place makes photographers jump for joy (and people with pollen allergies cringe) as there are no fences, gates, or anyone preventing you from getting up close for a Macro shot (or to smell the flowers). It’s a wonderful place to take family or engagement photos (there were several photographers there beside myself) and interested parties can sponsor plots in memory of others.  Jules and I visited the memorial plot for her aunt while we were there.

I managed to get a ton of great flower shots (a subject I love taking pictures of) and had a blast. Below are a couple of the shots I took- to see (many) more head over to my Flower album on Flickr.


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