How BGE tried to kill my dogs

We’re BGE Peak Rewards customers. Which shouldn’t be a big deal- we knew from the beginning in exchange for savings money on our bill that BGE could cycle our compressor (not the circulating fan) for the duration of an “event”. We chose the 100% cycling because our basement in our row home is very cool and can keep our house fairly comfortable in an event of a power cycle.

The truth is that’s not the case. Our circulating fan is currently not functioning and our other friends (that are Peak Rewards customers) currently have the equivalent of no AC at all either. This happened without any warning at all. Our main floor on our house when we got home was 85 degrees. Our bedroom was over 90 degrees. With two dogs in our household, both in middle age, I find this extremely unacceptable and with a lack of empathy reminiscent of the recent Netflix pricing debacle. While BGE has spoken to the Baltimore Sun regarding the issue, they failed to disclose to all Peak Reward members the distinct lack of airflow in our houses (or the fact an “event” could last over 5 hours). We now have 5 fans running full blast to cool down our house (which ironically will cancel out any savings from Peak Rewards).

We am no longer BGE Peak Rewards customers. Our dogs’ lives are too important to risk it.


5 thoughts on “How BGE tried to kill my dogs

  1. Can you please tell me how to cancel it with BGE? They are unreachable and I really need to do this. I am a senior and I have an older dog. We both were ill today because of the lack of airflow and the 85 degree temp in my home.

  2. Deal with it.

    People survived with out A/C few decades ago. In fact, people continue to do so in emerging industrial countries and third world countries. A day with out A/C and having access to cold water, emergency cooling centers, cooled commercial stores, friends and family will not harm neither you nor any pet you have.

    Currently, I am on 100% BGE cycling. It’s hot both inside and outside. But not hot enough to scream on top of my lungs.

    And honestly, I’ve never had pets before but it should be noted — they’ve survived before in the past with out air conditioning and will continue to do so.

    • It’s not the lack of AC here I am talking about- it’s a service that wasn’t communicated correctly. If I had known my circulating fan would not work, I wouldn’t have signed up for it.

      The lack of communication is my issue here.

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