“You say goodbye, I say hello” [Big Announcement]

This will probably sound crazy to some of you. It did for me at first.

Today I am announcing that I am putting my notice in at my job, leaving Baltimore (more on that in a bit), and joining the great team at Innovation Games out in Mountain View, California.  My utter excitement at this new opportunity is matched with some sadness as I am eternally grateful for all that has happened to me in Baltimore over the last few years. It’s been one hell of a ride here and I will miss you all terribly (so come visit).

I’ll be joining the team at Innovation Games which you may remember from my training with them in Chicago this past year. What I will be doing with them is another post but I will be starting with them in March and working before Jules and I move out to California in July. It will be a crazier 2012 that either of us could have imagined, but it will be very exciting nonetheless.

Baltimore- you will be missed.

I will be writing about this adventure much more as things develop and I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned and if you would like to meet up before we go- let me know!


2 thoughts on ““You say goodbye, I say hello” [Big Announcement]

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