Every Day Is a Winding Road

joe Sterne photography, nature, annapolis, quiet waters park, julia dachner

Well, I (and Jules) can’t say we were expecting this in our trip across the country.

Jules and I are in a “holding pattern” for our #c2c12 trip. While this was planned (we had to send our POD early so we left some time to stay at Jules’ parents for the weekend), we weren’t planning on Jules undergoing surgery.

Jules had suffered from a blind spot after being forced to clean up her classroom alone on her last day at MCPS- and it wasn’t improving. After visiting with her aunt (who is our eye doctor) we found out that Jules’ retina was partially detached and was gradually getting worse. Worse= gradually going blind in that eye. Left untreated, she would end up going blind.

joe Sterne photography, water, nature, annapolis, quiet waters park

So, I’m currently in a waiting room for her to undergo laser surgery to reattach her retina and reverse the damage that has occurred so far. I’m confident that everything will turn out ok (even know the doctor/Jules refused my request for a “Terminator” eye replacement).

I’ll update this post when she is out of surgery.

UPDATE: Her diagnosis was much more serious than we expected. We are currently scrambling to find her an OR so she can have invasive surgery to help stop the rapid deterioration and reverse it. Keep her in your prayers.


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