Theory: Google will buy T-Mobile (within 5 years)

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With T-Mobile working with Project Fi (which I did predict a couple of years ago), they would be a carrier that has the impact to really bring Google’s vision of owning the (entire) internet from server to device. Owning the customer experience end to end has to be* a massive driving force for Google. Why bother with devices (Android, Chromebooks, Glass, etc) if that isn’t the ultimate endgame? It’s easier to buy the existing infrastructure from a cellular perspective (than building it from scratch) and you can easily couple this with Google’s massive WiFi access point knowledge (and their new push for free wifi with Sidewalk Labs**).

Buying T-Mobile, even if it’s a wholly owned subsidiary (which I would assume that’s how it would go***), would give benefits to both Google and T-Mobile. Both companies have similar ethos when it comes to free/low cost internet access…

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