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Yup. That’s the route of Jules’ and I Sea to Sea trip (#c2c12 on twitter) that we will be taking this summer. We start June 21st on our voyage across the country. (teaser trailer)

Update: Final cut is now live.

Headed from Annapolis, Maryland (Atlantic Ocean):

julia dachner, joe sterne, joe Sterne photography

Our destination? Mountain View, CA (Pacific Ocean):

We will be driving our Kia Soul (CODENAME: JELLYBEAN) on the trip with a GoPro camera mounted to the roof capturing a time-lapse of the trip while we drive. (she can get shy for the camera)

kia soul, joe sterne photography, jellybean

Meanwhile we will be inside the car live blogging/video taping/ photographing our the entire trip across the country. Stay tuned to this blog to keep updated on our status. The gear we are using? A whole lot more than my last road trip:

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12, macbook air, macbook pro, ipad, chromebook, canon 1D mk ii, kindle fire

(Ignore the TV‘s…and yes, that *is* a Cr-48!)

So why bother with all this? Simple, I love road trips and I love to share.

But I need your help! We are looking for the best of the best in terms of places to eat for the following locations that we will be hitting on our trip across the country:

Have any suggestions for us? (music and trip ideas are also encouraged) Let me know in the comments!

Overall Stats: (updated daily)

  • Miles Driven – 3000
  • Red Bulls Consumed – 14
  • Bottles of Diet Coke Consumed – 22
  • Dog Treats Given – 83
  • Eye Surgeries – 1
  • Padiddles – 0
  • # of Times Pulled Over – 0
  • Gallons of Gas Used – 88 (?)
  • States Traveled Through – 11
  • Mobile Data Used – a bunch
  • Blog Posts Written – 11
  • Number of Places on Triple D stopped at – 0
  • Number of Places on Man Vs. Food stopped at- 1
  • Number of aliens seen – 0
  • Number of hotels stayed in – 5
  • How Many Hours Joe Drives – 24
  • How Many Hours Jules Drives – 40
  • How many oceans seen – 2
  • Number of States Marcy and Chopper peed in – 10

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